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Duncan Insulation

Here at Duncan Insulation we strive for optimal warmth and decreased heating costs for you! With top of the line closed-cell insulation, as well as blown in Insulation we are able to offer a variety of services to help you optimize your homes insulation.

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Our Services

Spray Foam Insulation

We offer closed cell spray foam insulation services. Closed cell spray foam enhances a buildings structural integrity while creating an air tight seal and extremely high R-value insulating capacity.

Attic Insulation

We offer spray foam attic insulation. Spray foam attic insulation is becoming more and more popular. It is one of the most effective barriers from letting heat escape through your attic

Crawl Space Insulation

Having an open area beneath your floor can cause heat to escape through this vulnerable area. Crawl space insulation provides a barrier between the cool circulating air from the crawl space and your floor.

Pole Barn Insulation

Pole barns are large open work spaces that often need insulating. Closed cell spray foam actually provides outstanding insulating performance while creating an inner skeleton for your pole barn making it more durable.

Basement Insulation

Basement Insulation is an important factor for comfort and saving on energy costs. Spray foam on basement walls is an effective way to achieve both. With a high R-value, spray foam insulation will keep the warm air within the basement cavity.

Garage Insulation

Garage Insulation can allow your garage to become an additional working space, or keep your storage components temperate through harsh winter months. Garage insulation is becoming a popular choice to expand your living area through the cold months.

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What is Closed Cell Spray Foam?

Closed Cell Spray Foam is a plastic insulating material that is made of polyurethane foam. It has expanding abilities which help it to create an air tight seal in the area that it is applied. Closed cell spray foam has a high insulating R-value and out preforms other standard insulating methods like blown in insulation and batt insulation.

Home Insulation

Due to its high insulating abilities spray foam insulation is the top choice for warmth and durability and best provided by Duncan Insulation.

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Closed cell spray foam insulation is applied quickly to minimize the time contractors are in your home. We provide seamless application and pay high attention to detail.

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Spray Foam Insulation Q & A

Learn About Spray Insulation
What is Spray foam insulation best for?

Spray Insulation is best for sealing open areas which need insulation before finishing the drywall. Because it creates an air tight seal it is best for wall cavities, exterior walls, crawl spaces, and any hard to reach areas within through a home. It can also be applied in the attic and between floors as ceiling insulation to reduce noise transfer.  For those interested in Duncan Insulation, we can determine rebate eligibility!

What are the advantages to useing spray foam for insulation?

While the traditional insulating materials such as batt insulation and blown in do a good job, they are unable to create an air tight seal. Spray foam will seal these gaps unlike the others, it will also resist heat transfer to a higher degree which ensures that the heat stays where it needs to be!

What are the disadvantages to using spray foam insulation?

Because of the higher insulating abilities, spray foam insulation is more expensive then fiberglass or cellulose insulation. This higher cost is often a deterrent for people. But, cost savings are long term due to the ability to conserve heat and temperate air will will offset this initial investment.

How long does spray foam insulation last?

Spray foam insulation can last up to 100 years and depending on if it is open or closed cell, you will find that the lifespan may actually increase.

"We were having issues with our floor being cold. John came and applied spray foam in our crawl space quickly and effectively. He was well mannered and cleaned up after himself. It was like he was never there. Now our floor is warm and we are noticing that our heating costs aren't as high"

– R. Dee (Homeowner)

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Spray Foam Near Me

Fast Application

Spray foam can be installed quickly with little to no mess. Our contractors are fast and provide effective and experienced application

Seamless Technique

We pay high attention to detail when applying spray foam to a home. we ensure that all nooks and cranies are covered to create a seamless application. 

High R-Value

our spray foam carries a high R-value and will keep your space warm and cost effective long term in regards to energy bills. Optimize your homes insulation with closed cell spray foam.

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